Why Good People Do Bad Things: Understanding Our Darker Selves
Gotham; 1st edition (February 15 2007) | English | PDF JPGs | ISBN-10: 1592402763 | 219.63 MB
Jungian psychologist Hollis turns the whole why-bad-things-happen-to-good-people question around and asks instead why good people often do such hrible things. Expling the notion of the Shadow Jung's term to describe the hidden aspects of ourselves--the parts that contradict the self we show the rest of the wld the dark side of our personality--Hollis suggests that we can only become whole (and good) by acknowledging our Shadow and accepting that it's OK to have a dark side as long as we never let it take control of who we are. The prose is a little stodgy and some readers might find the book feels a little too similar to others in the psychological self-help genre but finally the similarities are only superficial. The difference between this book and most of the slick self-helpers is that Hollis has some genuinely imptant meaningful things to say. A thoughtful book well wth the concentration involved in reading it. David Pitt

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